I am an architect with the passion to create and interior restyling. Since I was young I played with my dad’s toolbox, I painted, I drew and I made things.

benedetta graziani architetto restyling interni

In  July 2016 I moved into this home that was my Grandma’s. 

The house was stills she had left it, large, full of light and space. An elderly lady as well, with her rooms, her glass doors and her ceiling. Inside her lots of furniture, a little bit heavy, a bit bulky. Wallpapers and chandelier fixtures, paintings and plates that spoke a different language than mine, but that I perfectly used to know. I decided to use only what I had available, because in these cabinets there were and there are my memories. I chose to employ the small budget I had into restyling rather than into furniture super accessible and commercial. At the wake of this renovation restyling, many other projects were born.

Because sometimes a piece of furniture alone can totally change and trasform a room, it is able to give a new atmosphere to a place we perfectly know.

If you also want to feel more at home in your space, if you have old family furniture that is full of your memories but it doesn’t fit into your new life or home, if you want to have unique special pieces in your house, write me!

I will develop and realize the design project most suitable to you and your stile!